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Would you like to take out a minilening for a particular purchase or an account? You can also borrow extra money! It is nice to have a safety net in the form of an accessible loan. In many cases, borrowing a small amount in case of urgency is sufficient and that is also the reason […]


Bank, parabank and loan company – who is who?

Times when the bank had a monopoly on lending has long since passed. Perhaps it is because sometimes getting a loan in the bank bordered on a miracle … Fortunately, there were opportunities to take a loan cheaper, faster and without unnecessary formalities. In addition to banks, loan companies and parabanks were established. And this […]

Debt consolidation

Can you avoid over-indebtedness?

The concept of excessive credit burden is getting closer. This applies above all to people who have behaved poorly and have taken several types of loans. How can you deal with over-indebtedness? Are there effective ways to avoid it? Of course, the best solution is to think carefully about your financial situation and answer yourself […]

Debt consolidation information

Debt Settlement: Loan despite overdraft

Many financial institutions reject a loan in principle despite overdraft, as a going beyond the disposition credit negative balance on the current account as a characteristic of unreliable economics applies. However, even with an overdrawn bank account, there are ways to successfully apply for a loan. In the search for the appropriate loan, the differentiation between an […]

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Debt consolidation in business administration easily explained + example

The consolidation of debts represents an offsetting of receivables and liabilities in the consolidated financial statements. Offsetting takes place when companies from the scope of consolidation have exchanged deliveries and services among themselves. Since all the companies involved are presented as a single entity in the consolidated financial statements, a “self-supply” must not be presented […]